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Turnigy BL5335/10 motor set up

Dennis MillerDennis Miller Club Members Posts: 1

I have a Turnigy BL5335/10 motor- What would be the best setup for a UCANDO3D A/C with a weight of about 8-10 pounds? Could you provide me with the exact specs for this motor? KV rating/cell count/max amp draw/ recommended prop sizes? Also, is there a Turnigy or other prop adapter for this motor that bolts onto the front mount holes? correct part number? availability? Thank you !!! Dennis in Anchorage Ak



  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,360 ✭✭✭


    • Model: BL5335

    • No. of cells: 10 Li-Poly

    • Stator Dimensions: 52.8 x 35mm

    • KV: 230

    • Weight: 668g/23.5oz

    • Current capacity 78 A/60s

    • Shaft diameter: 8mm

    • Recommended model weight: 5-10kg

    • Prop: 20''-22''

    • Max. efficiency: 86%


    20x12 Prop:

    • Cell Count: 10S

    • RPM/V: 230

    • Prop: 20x12

    • RPM: 6700

    • MAX Current (<60S): 73A

    • Thrust: 8.3kg/18.3lb

    22x10 Prop:

    • Cell Count: 10S

    • RPM/V: 230

    • Prop: 22x10

    • RPM: 6500

    • MAX Current (<60S): 78A

    • Thrust: 8.6kg/18.96lb

    Dunno about the prop adaptor.

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