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Colin HodgsonColin Hodgson Club Members Posts: 1

Once again Hobbyking lost a very large order because you will not ship from Global to Spain although you used to. This would not be a problem but you are running the stock down in other warehouses and only keeping stock in Global. When are you going to learn that there are alternative suppliers out there and you are losing customers. Myself I had to order from Ebay China who are quite happy to ship to Spain. From another potential lost customer.


  • Michael Krenn Michael Krenn Club Members Posts: 1

    Hallo meine bestellung ist nicht angkommen 😢 seit 5 wochen ??? Mfg Krenn meine email ist [email protected] Bitte um antwort!! Bestellnummer 300165515🤔

  • Steve BennettSteve Bennett Club Members Posts: 1

    I no longer buy from Hobbyking due to their shipping prices. I live in the U.S. and am fortunate enough to have numerous sources for my hobby wants and needs so I simply buy from people who can supply the products from sources with reasonable shipping prices. Bye bye HobbyKing.

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,255 ✭✭✭


  • Jerry DevaneJerry Devane Club Members Posts: 1

    How long do it take to process a order and get shipping information

  • Gerry CohnGerry Cohn Club Members Posts: 2

    I tried to place an order today and made sure that I met the minimum USD $150 expenditure to ensure that I qualified for the free shipping from the HK warehouse.
    Upon trying to check out I kept being told by the website that I had to nominate a shipper and that I would be required to pay a minimum of $160 shipping costs. The order was mostly for Hobbyking 3D printer filiament bu did not exceed the 20Kg free shipping weight limit.
    I proceeded to chat with a rep through the website and was basically told "Tough s..t". If the website says that you have to pay shipping then that's that.
    I have also just received an email promoting the "Free Shipping" and again checked the T's & C's.
    The way that "Free Shipping" is being promoted is in my opinion very questionable.
    I have been a Hobbyking customer for the last 10 years but alas no longer as I refuse to deal with companies that mis-represent thing on their web sites.
    My current order from the AU warehouse will be my last.

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,255 ✭✭✭

    Your attempted order did not qualify for free shipping, as a 3D Printer is in the order.

    As per the terms and conditions, 3D Printers are specifically excluded from the offer:

    "Global Warehouse (Hong Kong)

    All orders of USD $150 and over, qualify for free shipping from the Global warehouse to the following countries only: Russia, Canada, Brazil, US, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, Canada, Israel, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, New Zealand, Netherlands, Malaysia, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The maximum allowable weight to qualify for free shipping from the global warehouse is 20kgs.

    Product exclusions: Around 800 SKUs including bulky items like e-bikes, scooters, 3D printers, planes and cars are excluded from the Free Shipping offer from the Global Warehouse."

    Not sure what terms and conditions you read...

    And don't shoot me - I am but a mere inconsequential customer like your goodself ...

  • Gerry CohnGerry Cohn Club Members Posts: 2

    There was no 3D printer on the order, only filament and a few other small items. Nowhere in the T's & C's is there anything to say that filament is excluded.
    The T's & C's that I read are the same as that you have quoted.

  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,255 ✭✭✭

    My apologies! Misread it. However, I bet it is the 3D printer filament causing it.
    Try an order of the right value without it - see how that works, and then add the plastic.

    I bet the free shipping vanishes...

  • Sergey ZhilaSergey Zhila Club Members Posts: 1

    Тоже самое, набрал большой заказ из Гонконга, в итоге мне сообщили, что доставка не возможна. Набрал новый заказ из EU. в итоге бесплатная доставка тоже не возможна. Все сделано для того, чтоб доставка была платная. Оба заказа удовлетворяли сумме для бесплатной доставки. Сплошной обман. Я думал такое только для России. Но нет.
    The same, scored a large order from Hong Kong, in the end I was told that delivery is not possible. Scored a new order from the EU. As a result, free delivery is also not possible. Everything is done to ensure that the delivery was paid. Both orders satisfied the amount for free shipping. Sheer deception. I thought this was only for Russia. But no.

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