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Avios Grand Tundra Lighting System

Yann BantockYann Bantock Club Members Posts: 1
edited April 8 in Avios RC Planes

I have two Grand Tundras as I keep one on floats and as a spare. The nav lights on the wings com on all the time which is good and I can switch the landing lights on from the Tx via an aux channel on the Rx. The model is supplied with a belly and tail light with loose connectors inside the back of the fuselage. my question is how should they be powered up?



  • Michael GrayMichael Gray Club Members Posts: 0

    No user manual is a big disappointment for an otherwise great RC model aeroplane kit. Fortunately, much of the assembly is obvious, but the wiring isn't! Some is labelled, some isn't. Can anybody provide a wiring/connections diagram, please.

  • Adrian ForsythAdrian Forsyth Club Members Posts: 1

    I have recently taken delivery of a Grand Tundra. Being relatively new to electronic rc aircraft, I am unsure of how to connect the associated wiring. As there is no indication in the downloaded manual, would you please provide a wiring diagram.

  • HobbyKing_SupportHobbyKing_Support HobbyKing Support Posts: 500 ✭✭

    All LEDs are typically powered via the RX using "Y" leads.

  • Colin SparrowColin Sparrow Club Members Posts: 1

    Same problem here - how do you connect the various led lights?

  • Christian CLAIREFONDChristian CLAIREFOND Club Members Posts: 1

    Hello Mr Hobby King
    please a file with wiring diagram on the Grand Tundra page
    to connect LEDs and module for the lights...

  • Thomas ZawodnyThomas Zawodny Club Members Posts: 1

    Bought t the Avios Grand Tundra - Blue/Silver 1700mm (67") Sports Model (PNF) as a Christmas present for myself late last year (2018). Assembling it now; downloaded the manual. Do not see any directions for connecting the 2 rear LEDs; also, do not seem to have 'parts' to connect/activate these LEDs. Where can I get this info ???

  • Jeffrey HallJeffrey Hall Club Members Posts: 1

    Get several servo Y wire splitter wires. I was able to get a triple Y with one connector that plugs into the RX and it splits into 3 leads. If you can’t find one of those just use 2 Y splitter cables. Search on *******, eBay or your local hobby shop.

    I connected the Y splitter cable to my rudder output on the RX and just plugged in the fuselage lights to the Y (triple Y in my case). But you could use any channel output (I would not use throttle but that’s just me)

    The landing lights were not so obvious as I am using spectrum TX and initially putting the landing lights on a splitter from the flap channel didn’t work. But going into settings and travel on my TX I was able to change the travel of the flaps in a way that made the landing light ‘off’ when flaps up, blink with takeoff flaps and solid with landing flaps.

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