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Hi Katy, I'm building a model sailing boat to my own design. It's 1m long and has square sails.

Norman SherwoodNorman Sherwood Club Members Posts: 2

Can you suggest a servo for turning the rig. I think I need a gear servo. Do I need to buy gears for it or are they included?
I also need a servo for steering. I already have SG92R servos. Would one be OK? Can you suggest a receiver? I have a Flyski transmitter.
Are dry cells OK for the battery?


  • ketokoleketokole Club Members Posts: 7

    Pour la commande des voiles, tu as besoin d'un servo treuil et d'un servo standard pour le gouvernail.
    Le récepteur est à choisir en fonction de la bande de fréquences utilisée par l'émetteur (Fm,2.4ghz) et
    du type du codage de la fréquence.

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