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Quanum Chaotic 3D drone - Barry Jeffrey

gasman3gasman3 Club Members Posts: 3
edited May 2018 in FPV Racing Drones

I have a Quanum Chaotic 3D drone. Have last weekend managed to break 3 x props. Hobbyking are out of stock.
My question is: a. Will they be back in stock soon, and if so how long?
b. Is there an alternative that I can purchase meanwhile that will do ma similar job.
Thank you for any help given.


  • ArdyyArdyy Club Members Posts: 19 ✭✭

    Hello, gasman3

    Restocking usually takes within 30 days, depending on delivery. As I type, you can have the replacement props reserved for you by backordering so when stocks arrive you will be one of the first customers to receive the item, or, click on "Alert me" button, or put the item to your Wishlist so you can get notified once available. If you're from AU, you can try this prop as an alternative:

  • gasman3gasman3 Club Members Posts: 3

    Good morning Ardyy. Many thanks for your comments. I have put the items on my wishlist and have ordered a new Quanum Chaotic anyway.

  • fly masterfly master Club Members Posts: 4

    I also bought the Quanum Chaotic. It's wild out of the box. I went to a 3 cell battery and a 3 blade prop to tame it down. Hope this helps.

  • fly masterfly master Club Members Posts: 4

    They have discontinued the Quanum Chaotic. It's a shame it's a great base unit to start with that carbon framework. Add GPS and 3 blade 8x4.5 prop and you have a nice everyday drone to fly.

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