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Why advertise Zlin Z50 70 CLass but never have in stock ?

solentlifesolentlife Club Members Posts: 47

Its a joke. This is a very good model but stock is never there. Hobby King even put in the Warehouse sale just finished - but it was NEVER in stock before or during ....

I have been waiting serious length of time to get another of these Zlin - but it looks like Hobby King will continue to list but never stock.


  • CrashtrukCrashtruk Brisbane AustraClub Members Posts: 399 ✭✭

    Yes this has happened to 90% of their gas models....

  • rick messengerrick messenger Club Members Posts: 1

    Can't seem to find any gas models in UK warehouse...come to think of it can't find any glow's all foamies and electric none of which I will ever fly...

  • CrashtrukCrashtruk Brisbane AustraClub Members Posts: 399 ✭✭

    Yes it is sad but HK is going down the toy store route. Foamies foamies foamies...

  • yfl211yfl211 BelgiumClub Members Posts: 237 ✭✭

    Adapt or die...

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