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Walkera V200D03.... substitute gears?

KI11AKKI11AK Club Members Posts: 1

Just curious if anyone has this model helicopter and has found good substitute gears that don't strip if you have a bad thought about them.

Since I've own it, i've never flown it properly because its been stripping gears like it's a feature of the unit. I used to bite the bullet and buy gear after gear and keep trying, but now i'm at an unfortunate point where you can't even buy the gears for it (main gear of course is the one that strips constantly).

I'm hoping someone might have already discovered a viable alternative and if it doesn't strip so easily, that'd be great.

Thanks in advance.


  • BobHIBobHI Club Members Posts: 32

    I had one and ended up selling it off cheap because I couldn't get any main gears. Just when I was starting to fly the heli well.

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