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dji phantom advanced gimbal

Steve LandersSteve Landers Club Members Posts: 1

hi have had this gimbal for awhile now bought of ebay from a crashed phantom pilot of drone not sure if this is damaged or not so took a gamble on it anyway want to use this gimbal for a project im doing and just need to have a schematic of this board to work out the conecctions etc ,only thing of any help was relaing to flight controller board on phantom (which i havent got ) it was saying pins 1 to 4 are negative while pins 5 to 8 are 12volt positive thats fine if i had the board from a phantom just need any info as to which is pin 1 on the 8 pin connector also any info on the out put connection for video fed etc ,havent trieed dji themselves yet but somehow dont think i will get any help from them .its not in their interest if they are not making money out of me so any help would be gratefully appreciated


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