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Powering an Aquastar 200A ESC with a power supply

Robin HagueRobin Hague Club Members Posts: 4

I've got an Aquastar 200A ESC and Aquastar 20T motor I'm trying to use in a machine tool (It's because the BLDCs appear to give the greatest power density within the volume I'm stuck with), and being a tool to power it with a power supply; in this case the Turnigy 1200W (again because it appears the best off-the-shelf balance of cost and power density.

To get it up and running I have a servo tester powered by a lab PS to provide the throttle signal.

Trouble is the ESC/motor combination is not calibrating as the manual suggests (though I can't find a manual specific to the 200A version). It gives a single ping if it receives a midposition pulse, and will then run the motor for 5 to 10 seconds before the power supply trips giving a "low battery protection" error; which is not an error listed in the power supply manual. And as the ESC is only connected to the PS by the DC leads it seems unlikely the error is a report from the ESC; though the behaviour would match the ESC trying to protect a battery that's dropped too far.

Can anyone suggest a solution, is the servos tester unsuitable for the job of calibrating and programming the ESC (as it doesn't seem to be able to do anything but arm the ESC)?



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