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Please post your 3D Printing Projects Here

Nick_HKNick_HK Club Members Posts: 89 mod

This new forum category is for hobbyists to post their 3D printing projects to show off, assist and share. Please feel free to post photos of your projects and better still your project files so that others can make your projects, sharing is caring. However, please don't post a file if you didn't actually make it yourself but linking to other people's projects is fine by us.


  • terencechanterencechan Club Members Posts: 3

    I used the hobbyking Opto 90a 7s esc with the Hobbyking KEDA 190w motor to convert an ofo bicycle to electric. The STL for my 3d printed parts are at /thing:3025009 on thingiverse

  • terencechanterencechan Club Members Posts: 3

    I used the Turnigy 3D printer (yes, the old Fabrikator 3D) to print and build a Tesla-powered Spider-man drone.
    STL files here:

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