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fpv quad kit help?

skipper6567skipper6567 Club Members Posts: 1
Hi All, I have elect ccpm helis,planes I use dx6I tx. Need advice on what to buy. $$$ build one or complete kit w/ tx,fpv cam/monitor,gps,quad??

I want to use this fpv quad as my own personal seagull.Spotting fish offshore saltwater fishing. Features that I can think of are,real time video,auto follow would be nice,auto fly home, If the auto fly home is able to track me while im moving.Auto battery life safe get home.Long battery life.Options to upgrade is nice.Budget is 300-500$ like to be on low side and can always spend more to upgrade parts. I like the DJI phantom 3. I dont need that quality of video. I need a good wide view from50-200 ftalt.Dont think I need camera to move yet.


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