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Opinions Goteck servos

KumogakureKumogakure BRClub Members Posts: 2
Are Goteck servos good? Specifically these:




I'm building a Robot. Would you recommend them? If not, what servos, in the same price range, are better than them (torque is important to me)? And also, I need to know:

1 - How many teeth are there on the spline shaft?

2 - Do these servos have the internal potentiometer that gives the feedback voltage for the internal circuit of the servo? I'm intending to read that voltage with a microcontroller...

3 - If I remove the control pulses (PWM pulses), but keep the servos powered, will I be able to rotate them with my hands?

Thanks, and sorry for the english. image


  • KumogakureKumogakure BRClub Members Posts: 2
    After some research:

    1 - Spline Shaft: 25T

    2 - Potenteometer: Indirect Drive (they have potentiometer for feedback)

    3 - Fail Safe: ?

    4 - Max travel range: 120° (They don't rotate 180°)

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