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Mounting larger RX in the EZ Master

JohnFMJohnFM Club Members Posts: 27
I asked this question in the discussion part for the plane, but thought I'd try it here.

I have an Orange RX3S RX I want to use in this EZ Master.

The space available in either compartment is too tight to allow room.

Looks like I could cut out some foam towards the rear of the upper servo compartment to get the needed space, but I'm not sure what I'd find cutting into the fuse there.

Anyone come up with a nice clean installation for a receiver like that that requires a certain position for installation?


  • SootySooty Christchurch NZClub Members Posts: 6,110 ✭✭✭
    That is exactly what hobby knives are for - creating space. image
  • JohnFMJohnFM Club Members Posts: 27
    Yeah, I decided to cut away the flat surface on the fuse at the aft end of the servo compartment. Figured if it didn't work out I could just glue the piece back in place.

    Turns out it's about 1/2" thick layer then open space. The control rods run under there and it took some time to shave the bottom off smooth where a vertical wall was, didn't want to try and go through the trouble of getting those rods and tubes out of the way.

    A couple wood blocks glued in gave a good level place to mount the RX3S.

    Still tight, those top mount pins take some room, but there's enough space to mount the wing.

    Couple short servo extensions were needed for rudder and elevator to keep the wiring away from linkages.

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