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bushybushy AustriaClub Members Posts: 239 ✭✭
Hi chaps,

well ive finished building and although I knew it would be a tad nose heavy by doing a rough weighing test earlyer on but now its done Im looking at may be 80-85gr lead at the back , with no landing gear or retracts , motor a very light Turnigy 2836 Brushless EDF Motor 3200kv ,80AE Turnigy Regler,Assan Empfäger .I wanted to use a 4s 3,000 nano but due to the weight problem I´m thinking a 4s 2200 would be wiser but I`ll still have to weigh it down at the back has anyone built this Avro? and what components did you use ? any comments,and or input would be welcome



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