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Combat wing elevon setup(fixed)

DingaDinga New ZealandClub Members Posts: 27
I am having a issue with trying to set up my wing on my orange tx .I have set the radio to use elevon mixing .When I move the aileron stick The ailerons act as elevators and when I move the elevator stick I get aileron .this is a problem, I do not think I will be able to fly it with this setup.How can I swap these stick movements around so I can get the stick to work as it is supposed to?Dinga2014-06-30 10:05:17


  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,372 ✭✭✭
    what RX are you using and what servos are in what ports on it?
  • DaithiDaithi Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    Or even simpler - swap the aileron and servo connectors at the receiver
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,372 ✭✭✭
    Nope. Not with elevon (delta) mixing. Makes no difference as each servo is both aileton and elevator.
  • SawdustSawdust Club Members Posts: 6,763 ✭✭✭
    I didn't know much (still don't) about elevon mixing but my first flying wing I couldn't seem to get things working right. Experimentally I tried using the aielevator mixing option my radio offered and that worked.


    Definitely not expert advice. Just what got things working and flying for this particular dummy on that particular model image . That was a "Teksumo combat wing" if that makes any difference.
  • WTWUKWTWUK CornwallClub Members Posts: 13,372 ✭✭✭
    With the Orange T-Six and elevon mixing, if Ail stick input gives Elevator, and Ele stick input gives Aileron, the Aileron channel or Elevator channel needs reversing. That should do the trick.

    Experimentation is always the way to go. I had all sorts of lateral thinking needed to setup my Eurofighter Typhoon with elevons, vectored thrust nozzles and canards (8 servos to think about!) and it was a right pig!
  • DingaDinga New ZealandClub Members Posts: 27
    image Thanks you guys for your helpful ideas

    Especially WTWUK.Your last post did the trick.I reversed the elevator and that fixed everything.

    image image image

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