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My modified Wilga 2000 (sydney, Australia)

ShoodyShoody Club Members Posts: 10
Hey guys

ive been modifying my Wilga for the alst week now after floating it and it not taking off on the water and hten having an accident after the aileron servo siezed up mid air


Upgrades: 2 new MG sewrvos to control ailerons (2 per wing) Y lead back to reviever.

a turnegy park 450 1350 motor running form a 2.2 3s battery and a 40 amp speed control

the alloy bracket modified to fit the motor

a 10 inch prop

bigger wheels for land take offs.

let me know what you guys think!

Duel MG servos mounted in wing (work amazingly)


The new motoro n prop


comparing the old and new servos


Speed control


the float setup


Comparing old and new wheels (it will be way better on grass



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