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plane in tree

dwinner1dwinner1 Club Members Posts: 19
If and when you get a tree jump up and grab your plane out of the air and trap it in it's branches. Don't climb the tree! It looks small from the ground, but when you are up swaying in the branches. You realise how high it really is.

The best fix we have found in our club.( Noarlunga Aero-sport Club) is to use a sling shot attatched to a good strong fishing line. (50 lbs, 25 kilo) should do it. You can pull the small branches, around you plane, off the tree, giving you enough space to then pull your plane out of the tree. Don't try to catch the plane as it falls! One fellow cut his tendons in his hand doing this and the plane still broke. A blanket or tarpaulin with a few helpers is a good idea to catch it.

Hope this helps retrieve a few more planes!


  • tractortractor Club Members Posts: 5
    We use a tennis ball threaded on 50 pound test fishing line and a cheap zebco fishing rod and reel
  • DaithiDaithi ✭✭✭ Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    There's a complete catapult with reel already assembled here. It was designed for hanging long wires (for ham radio use) over trees
  • dwinner1dwinner1 Club Members Posts: 19
    Yeh! we discuss this all the time. The only trouble is, we are in a parks and wild life area. Have to do the right thing and not get caught and thrown out. It's tempting though.
  • Johnnie GJohnnie G Club Members Posts: 80
    Tell you what boys you only need to have the branch you're standing on, the one you're holding on break at the same time and break your

    hip once. Shame it took that before I learnt. You're probably still

    17 between your ears as we all are.

  • boysieboysie OZClub Members Posts: 1,256
    Dwinner, don't get caught using a slingshot by the fun stoppers, they will arrest you. image boysie2013-07-04 10:50:18
  • yfl211yfl211 ✭✭ BelgiumClub Members Posts: 240 ✭✭
    Altijd griep yu could use a chainsaw to cut down the bad pilot, so it wouldn't happen again either...
  • cptn blinkycptn blinky au broomeClub Members Posts: 875
    Spud gun with a empty bathroom sealant cartridge with 100lbs line...

    It usually over shoots and and lands in the other trees or house but it is fun to use image
  • DaithiDaithi ✭✭✭ Belfast,IrelandClub Members Posts: 8,708 ✭✭✭
    I have one of these (I got it for getting long wires up a tree but it works for models too [lol}

  • KaosKaneKaosKane ✭✭✭ Club Members Posts: 1,852 ✭✭✭

    I have a 50cm long stick with a rope tied to the middle. I throw it like a javelin onto the end of the branch I can then bounce the plane out of the tree by pulling on the rope. I was one forced to leave my stick and rope behind after getting my plane. I was able to recover it when I next visited by tying a much the longer rope to the first rope and the tow bar of my car. I drove away slowly. No koalas were harmed.

  • Tom_unsworth@hot[email protected] Club Members Posts: 4

    Having had to collect my hawksky once from a tall tree in my learning days. I now have an 8m long fishing pole for prodding. Cost about £10 from ebay, and doubles as a festival flag pole to find my tent with.
    Climbing trees causes trouser staining when you're over 40, I can attest to that.

    Better still:-
    or don't crash???

  • Michael CaliriMichael Caliri Club Members Posts: 1

    My drone loves trees!!!

  • ArceenutArceenut Club Members Posts: 3

    Hung a plane 100ft up near the top. Tried ti shake the tree by tying a rope as high up as i could get (about 50 ft) Tied the other end to my truck and bumped the truck against the rope to shake the tree. Almost worked, was starting to loosen the plane. Gave it an extra tug and the whole tree fell over. Got the plane back, cut the tee up for firewood for the following winter.

  • Harold GreenwayHarold Greenway Club Members Posts: 3

    Use plastic plumbing pipes in 6ft lengths with straight connectors to make a long pole, and prod the plane down. Then disassemble to transport in the car again. I have had great success several times with little damage to the plane.

  • GuinnnessGuinnness Club Members Posts: 6

    Like [email protected] got an almost 10m long fishing pole and it does the job, already tested several times, and take no place in your car hatch once folded.
    You can find that for few bucks in any sport shops.

  • FALCANFALCAN Club Members Posts: 7


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